Top 4 Famous Wineries found in Sonoma County, California

Famous Wineries

There have been many studies and researches, concluding the fact that California is the largest wine-producing regions in the United States. California holds a record of producing more wine than any other state in the United States. California, famous for its convenient climate and food is also known for wine. One of the notable exciting facts is that the state is also known as the ‘avocado capital of the world’. Being the largest producer of wine, California has few of the best wineries on its land.

North Coast of California, especially Sonoma County, is known to give birth to few best wineries in the ground. With that said, we will see a few of the best wineries below for you to try if you ever plan to visit California. Without much further ado, let us dive right into the article, shall we?

Belden Barns

the first and the foremost wineries we are discussing is Belden Barns that is situated in the Sonoma County you will not only be awarded a state of life to explore the Sonoma County mountains, but a chance to taste the freshly made wines! Belden Barns belongs to Nate and Lauren Belden. You will be delighted to find fresh grapes as well as fresh vegetables growing in their garden. The winery is like a barn where, as a traveller or a visitor, you are welcomed and sit on the picnic spot and taste various wines. If you are planning to visit this luscious winery, we suggest you call and appoint as they are not open always, only when they appointments.

Belden Barns

Chalk Hill

The second one we are discussing is none other than Chalk Hill that is sure to imprint you. Even though the property was closed due to an outbreak of Kincade Fire, at present own a much value in California, Sonoma County. Surrounded by fresh gardens and vineyards, the place is best suitable to enjoy the spring season as well as have fun in the meadows. Chalk Hill is famous for its variety of wines, especially, Chardonnay, Viognier, and red blends.


The third one is located near to the ocean is a vast place in Sonoma County. This winery is dedicated to its travellers and all other visitors who visit the land to take a break from their busy life. Also, this is not a place for you to sit and chit-chat with your friends; rather it is a place for serious businesses only. The winery produces few of the best wines for you, and one of the best sellers is Pinot Noir. You can book your seat or appointment with the owners before heading towards Hirsch and taste their specialties.


Horse & Plow

A place dedicated to the family, Horse & Plow is famous for their extensive environment for the families and couples to enjoy, this winery-cum-cidery is one of the radar for many people. You will be provided with many delicious wines and a great space to have fun with your family.  You will also be offered with many wines that are selected and plucked from the organically grown grapes in their vineyard.


Looking for a place to spend your anniversary or explore new places solo? Give these wineries mentioned above a try. Along with exploring freshly made wines, you can also look forward to enjoying the spring break as well. If you decide to get really into wine and want to start a collection you can get a nice custom sign at

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