Ways in which wine will change in 2020


2010 had seen a global concern on the effects of climate change on wine. With the scorching heatwaves in France, the catastrophic fires in Sonoma, California, and South Australia.

Natural wine captured the essence of the history of the last decade, which concluded with trade wars branding wine in the form of US tariffs on French, German, and Spanish red and whites.

Global warming will speed up wine experiments everywhere

More of the experiments started have been showing positive results. Hybrid grapes that cope with the heat? That would be good news amidst the depressing global rise of temperament, isn’t it?

With newer breeds on the rise, a wine can withstand harsh and unexpected temperature conditions from harsh winters to hard summers.


Learn about space experiments

The last decade showed winery experiments underwater. But these strange experiments seem less strange from what’s about to come up. Guess what? Man would like to experiment with the wine brewed in space.

November saw a step in this regard when Luxembourg based Space Cargo Unlimited sent red wine bottles for innovative experiments out there. The study would look into the effects of radiation and microgravity effects on the evolution of wine components.

The time period would about a year. In return, the University of Bordeaux would analyse and compare with wine age on Earth.


No, and low alcohol movements will gain a foothold

Health and Wellness craze affects wine in a sense that’s beyond the ‘Dry January’. According to the London-based retailer Bibendum, cutting down on your consumption would be one of the top trends in 2020.

Alcohol-free Real Kombucha is now popularly in use in 50- Michelin-starred restaurants.

Health-based wine bars and clubs, fancied as in the Dry Farm Wines, would take a step forward.

A boost in organic and biodynamic wines can be seen in this decade itself. Delicious as they might be, organic and healthy ones become a top priority. Fit Vines are a company that specialises in the manufacture of ‘clean wine’.

low alcohol

You can revel in luxury wines from vending machines

All you got to do is insert a token and relish a bottle of your favourite bottle of luxury wine. New York received its first machine in 2020, and now Moet plans to procure 100 of these vending machines across the US. These machines bear testament to the penchant for instant access, even for expensive ones. If you enjoy their wine so much get a home decor piece from apexmetalsigns.com today.

The Augmented Eno tourism

The genesis of the World of Wine Project in 2020 in the city of Porto for a colossal $112 million revolutionizes a 300-year-old warehouse into a magnificent wine school and cork museum under the aegis of the Fladgate Partnership.

At the same time, the most impressive wine escapade is at Vines Global, which holds the membership of vineyard owners from Tuscany, Priorat, and Spain.

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