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Tips to Build Your Wine Collection

Wine Collection

An exquisite bottle of your favourite wine can teleport you to your favourite spot. Whether it is a balmy summer’s evening that you fancy in Italy. Your magic pill is a bottle of top-notch Chianti that can transcend you to the refreshing Mediterranean coastlines and appetizing cuisine. Suppose you are fancying a deep, dark Syrah […]

4 Best Wineries to Visit in Italy

Best Wineries

Italy is a land filled with pizzas, culture, architectural monuments, and casinos are also a famous place for tasting wines. Italy produces a vast amount of various kinds of wines, both cooking as well as table wines. Example for the former one is Marsala, Vermouth the latter. Within Italy, there are three main regions where […]

Top 4 Famous Wineries found in Sonoma County, California

Famous Wineries

There have been many studies and researches, concluding the fact that California is the largest wine-producing regions in the United States. California holds a record of producing more wine than any other state in the United States. California, famous for its convenient climate and food is also known for wine. One of the notable exciting […]